Red Silk Scarf

A free lunch is available all over the world. It is so easy to feed myself. Simply because it is always possible to meet someone good on the street. On the previous day, I was able to earn enough money to live in a small hotel and take a hot shower.

I have always been fortunate. Like today, when a man in a black suit gave me money to buy a meal at a fast-food restaurant!

All I had to do was comply with his request — Didn’t reveal any information about him and sat across from a pretty Caucasian woman. She was wearing blue floral clusters, a red silk scarf around her neck, and had some freckles on her cheeks. That was it!

Yep, It’s a bit weird.

Could he not have wanted to go to the appointment? That’s why he came up with this solution? Hey, whatever, it’s not my business. I’m just an employee. — Where the lady… Hey? Why did she order a hamburger set again? Wasn’t there an unopened meal on her seat?

Meh. Fine, as long as someone is with you.

” It would be great if you could take another seat. I have a date with a friend.”

Despite the lady’s “great” words, her gaze was extremely unkind. Too scornfully! Was she looking at me? Did she think the Coke in my hand was hers?

The meal ticket was hidden behind a paper bag, so I moved it to the most prominent place on the plate.

“Are you blind? Look at all those people! You take your crap with you when you leave!”When she sees the meal ticket, she should show respect. It makes sense that the gentleman would break the date.

A loud voice boomed, “Sir, please! Leave!” she pleaded!

Was she trying to attract attention? Oh, okay. It worked. People stared at me and “allowed” me to bow. So vulgar of you. You, you and you!

As I was walking, I accidentally knocked over her plate. Her drink fell to the ground and soaked her. Compared to the blue floral clusters, she really liked the red scarf.

No more hiding. Bru, you understand me, right? As always. Even if I look so rashly for you, you will come desperately to me, right? I scanned around the fast-food restaurant, keeping an eye on the new meal, and avoiding any odds.

What’s with that man? Why is he here? Shouldn’t he be working in front of the department store? Or did someone hire him on purpose? For what purpose? So… is it safe to eat at the fast-food restaurants anymore?

” It would be great if you could take another seat. I have a date with a friend.”

“Are you blind? Look at all those people! You take your crap with you when you leave!” Was he intentionally shouting to make me stand out?

Eventually, I noticed more and more people looking at me. Maybe this fast-food restaurant is unsafe now. He purposefully bumped the dinner plate at the corner of the table, causing the Coke to fall on my silk scarf. Ultimately, he left the restaurant.

I gripped my silk scarf, unable to hide my anxiety. It was all ruined by this guy! “What’s wrong with you? You don’t feel embarrassed about bumping into my Coke? You should feel ashamed!” I set down and relaxed for a few minutes.

I tried to be normal, but it’s hard… I spilled ketchup on my silk scarf when I squeezed it, and the paper couldn’t clean it. Oh-no! It’s so dirty. I screw up… I screw up! It’s over! However, bad things always come in sequence.

The phone flashed a message: “Too suddenly. I can’t arrive this time.” “Well, okay. We can’t meet here, either. Maybe another time?” As I hung up the phone, the lights went out. Another time? Ah! It’s over for now.

My eyes refused to leave the dark screen, and stare at it for a while…

” Don’t you want to talk to me about why you disappeared again? What about 3:30, see you at the old place?”

“Sure!” We still meet at half past three.

As well as the familiar scent of coffee, I miss him too. I haven’t seen him for a year, but he looks at me with an incomprehensible look of playfulness. He looked the blue silk scarf on my neck: “The red is more charming!”

There was a brief moment where I believed my heart would freeze…

“Sir, the target showed in a fast-food restaurant. But there are too many people!”

“Go to Thirteenth-Road Coffee Shop. The place is not crowded at 3:30.”

At 3:30 today, this entangled game will end. We begin where and we end where. This way my wife, children, and I are all safe. And I typed in the code: “The person you want will be tackled today.” This way, everything will be okay.

A true Brutus I am.

































《Red Silk Scarf》創作筆記


第二登場人──女主,是男主的線人。正處於通緝狀態,準備出逃至遠方。 男主是女主情感依附的對象,才會在此刻堅持與男主相見。可是男主只是借此曖昧關係利用女主。因此當暗有人以男主的老婆跟小孩 ,威脅男主交出女主時,男主便設局將女主收捕。而女主最後一句「完了」,是在最後知道知道自己被設局了。

第一登場人──乞討者。是男主為了把女生引出快餐店的關鍵人。因為快餐店人群不利收捕行動 ,所以男主以心理戰術讓女方覺得不安全, 並引導她自願性離開,前往咖啡店赴約。

*文末的 Brute 來自拉丁語的Et tu, Brute,是男主自嘲著自己是背叛者。